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Fly-Fishing Expo Coming to Boise

Southwest Idaho’s largest fly-fishing event is coming to Expo Idaho on January 5 and 6. The 19th Annual Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo, hosted by the Boise Valley Fly Fishers (BVFF), will feature presentations by national speakers, local guides, renowned fly tyers and more. Attractions also include an indoor casting pond and exhibitors showcasing the…

The Legend of Walter: An Ice Fishing Catch of a Lifetime

Every year, my friends and I kick off ice fishing season at Henrys Lake. There are several reasons behind our journey—Henrys is one of the first lakes to freeze, and it’s always a fun trip with great company—but one stands out above the rest: We come to Henrys because we know the fish of a…

Local Fishing Report: October/November

Fishing options are in a state of transition across southern Idaho as cooler temperatures and shorter days are giving us our first taste of winter. While it’s not yet cold enough for ice fishing, there are plenty of viable open water options for the anglers who aren’t ready to put their tackle away yet. As…

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