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Local Fishing Report: November 2022

And just like that, it’s winter! The cold weather came suddenly and early this year, throwing some of the usual fall fishing patterns out of whack. But the cold snap has also provided unique opportunities across our region. As you plan your upcoming trips, here are some options to keep in mind: Snake River (Sturgeon)…

Steelhead Arrive in the Boise River

The local fishing community got an early holiday gift last week when Idaho Fish and Game released 150 steelhead in the Boise River between Barber Park and the Glenwood Bridge. This annual tradition gives anglers a chance to catch a big, anadromous rainbow trout without making an out-of-town road trip. Steelhead in the Boise River…

Exploring Pyramid Lake with JD Richey

As the sun crept up over Tohakum Peak, I got my first glimpse of a fishery that’s been on my bucket list for a long time—Nevada’s unique and legendary Pyramid Lake. Known by locals as the “desert sea,” Pyramid is located completely within the Paiute Tribe Reservation and remains virtually untouched by modern development. Its…

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