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Bowfishing for Carp in the Hammett Valley

As we motored down the Snake River in the twilight of a 100-degree summer night, I looked at my companions, Caleb and Randal, and smiled. “Archers!!” I cried above the hum of the jet motor. “Loose!!!” Maybe it was the delicious burgers Captain Tim Parrish had fed us pregame, or maybe it stemmed from my…

Local Fishing Report: July 2022

We’re having a heat wave! Triple digit temperatures have become the norm across our region this month, but fear not! There are still plenty of opportunities to get out and catch some fish. As you plan your upcoming trips, here are some ideas to get you started (and a few might even help you cool…

Fishing Gold Beach w/ Nick Young Outdoors

Years ago, while wrestling giant bass at eastern Oregon’s Owyhee Reservoir, I learned an important lesson: Never miss an opportunity to go fishing with Nick Young Outdoors. That strategy has led to lots of awesome memories, so when Nick called to tell me he was taking his guide business to the Oregon Coast, I couldn’t…

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